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Newborn babies

When choosing a photographer you should follow your emotions. It is very important that my photos make a good impression on you.I am an experienced mother and   it helps me a lof with  positioning and manipulating babies.

For the shooting  I have an assistant who is looking after the baby too so the parents can relax a little bit.
You should reserve about 4 hours for the shooting.
Some children are more difficult to getting off to sleep so the shooting may take longer.
Don´t care about bed linen,it is our work to keep it fresh and washed .We  keep the studio warm and clean.There is a changing table as well.And of course diposable pads are also available.
You should feel positive energy radiating from the pictures.I like to use natural materials and wood.
I don´t have to use computer wallpaper,my objective is to take pictures in a day light if the conditions are ok.
Some babies don´t like to be naked,it takes longer to  get them off into a deep sleep.However,we have plenty of  experience and tricks to help them drift off.
The props often get dirty,don´t be worried about it.
Most mums are looking forward to the shooting.But once the bay is born,some mums feel the fragility and vulnerability of their precious child.Don´t worry, you can be sure that we work only within your baby’s comfort zone with the primacy concern being their safety.
We are sure you will like the session so if you decide to contact us you won´t regret it.
We are looking forward to capture your lifetime and fabulous images.


 Preparing for your sitting
Taking care of a newborn baby is hard work so you shouldn´t be ashamed to ask for help within family,so you can take your time and get ready for the session

You can wear your daily make up,you should only avoid glittery powder and glitters.
You can also use our make up artist,it takes 15 minutes before shooting ,we charge 350 CZK.
During  the applying of your make up ,the rest of your family will make themselves comfortable and I can even try some shootings.
Photos will be prettier if mum has got flawless make up and is perfectly prepared.
Because parents often make a background of photos with babies, it is adviseable  for parents  to wear black top or a t-shirt,I don´t recommend wearing shirts with buttons.
Then you can bring something comfortable for mothers to make a soft and cosy impression ,e.g. a tunic, a loose dress.For fathers I can recommend T-shirts  without brand labels   or even a vest.

How to prepare the baby for shooting?
New born shooting is always about naked babies together with some props  e.g. a headband, hat etc.If you have any particular outfits for your baby of course you are welcome to bring it along,but keep in mind that a lot of changing clothes can disturb your baby .Don´t bring more than one outfit.Other important things you should bring are: soft cloth nappy,diapers,wipes,disposable pads,a favourite blanket etc.

When is the best time to take photos of newborn babies?
The absolutly perfect time for taking photos of new borns is 8-10 days after birth,but sometimes the weight of the baby can play an important role too.In these days babies still remember the position in mother´s  womb ,such little babies are easy to position and they have deeper sleep.
Youd don´t have to be afraid  when positioning , your baby will be safe in my hands.
If  possible my personal assistant Petruška will also be   present and on my hand.

What is necessary to bring along?
The most important thing is the dummy.
You should have a blanket,a pack of baby wipes and diapers and baby formula if needed .I can provide the other- a wide range of unique props and accessories.
The shooting itself is a pleasant and calm activity,it will take about 2-4 hours,the main important thing is to offer comfort for your baby.
The baby is fed several times during the shooting, when needed,then is comforted and cuddled…..Because the best time for shooting is a newborn sleep.
Why? To capture some of the most precious images,to achieve those sleepy poses.We take a very relaxed pace so your baby being in a deep sleep knows little about being positioned.It takes a lot of patience but it is worth to capture all those adorable  sleepy images.
Because we keep the studio warmer than avarage to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature it is worth dressing layers yourself that you can peel off.
Booking- When is the best time to book in advance?
Mainly I take photos of pregnant women so we can arrange the setting together.
Generally when the baby is born,you will contact the world,then write to me and I will reserve a shooting session for you.

What to take with you for maternity photography?
For the shooting you can reserve our make up artist Zuzanka.The price is 500 CZK for the face visage.
Either  tight clothes or loose fitting jumpers and shirts  look both very nice.Dark and light underwear is suitable as well.For your partner e.g. black and white t-shirts and some shirt will be enough.
It is convenient to bring some accessories such as jewellery ,something for the baby or an ultrasound,a small plate with the baby´s name,little shoes for babies and others.
I will take a photo of anything you can think of.
I will shoot decent romantic images as well as bold acts,e.g.sexy images ,being pregnant doesn’t mean unattractive.

How will you choose your pictures and how much time it takes to process your images ?
I will make an online gallery where you will be able to view your pictures.I will send you an online link to your private gallery.
You can expect my email with detailed information including the link to the gallery  5-10 days after your session date. Answering my email you order the pictures and within a week your images will be processed.

How to make a payment?
After your session you pay a 80,- Euro deposit in cash in my studio.The rest of the payment is paid by bank transfer.
What happens during a session?
At first we take some time to chat over the session, about your ideas…Then we prepare the selections of props and accessories.You will happily watch your baby being photographed for the first time.Time passes so quickly during the shooting.
Don’t take the grandparents with you so as not the studio being crowded.
If you are in a good mood,if you are at ease,the images will be perfect.

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